Tuesday, November 9, 2010

another page turned...

Haixt.. It has been a long time since I had the chance to post something here. Well, at least I'm back.

It's been months and I'm on my second semester as a first year HRM student. A lot of things happened in just a short amount of time. I learned to drink, I learned to lie so i could go and stay up late in malls, I learned a lot of things a good girl would never wanna do. But hey, it is normal. I'm in college, aren't I? I can now do things I want to do. I'm a free bird.

I just wished the people around me would understand that. That i have now my own life, that I can make decisions for myself and face the consequences that goes along with it. I hope that my parents would understand that their baby girl is now a 17-year old girl who wishes to have a life without eyes following her. I love them but sometimes I feel so caged, I cannot breathe. I don't want them to leave me alone 'cause I need them. I just want them to loosen up and make me do things on my own. Oh, well... I guess I'll never have this kind of freedom...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

near the end....♥

3rd year turning 4th yr...


I'm really worked up just thinking of going to 4th year. Yes, somehow it's glad to know that I will soon finish high school. But then, that means I need to leave my friends behind.. It's so frustrating to think about the future yet its interesting to wonder about what's going to happen next. I am torn on choosing HRM or DevCom as my course... I also want to take fine arts but I'm not really capable of producing worthy images.

I just wish i could survive College...

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Blood's Boiling..

Arghh.. it so hard to face a person you hate and dislike everyday..
i can't believe someone so irritating can be someone from my class..
and i have to endure it for 4 whole years..

well, maybe im just exaggerating but he/she is so .... argh..
well at least you got my drift..

my classmate said that piglet is gay...
but i think he/she is the one who's gay...

i hate him/her..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Sad Truth About Life

We need to let go of something,
Or maybe even Someone
That is very important for us..

And when that time comes..
We'll be sad and we'll cry,
Sometimes we would curse the world
Because of everything we had lost

But 'now what,
There is nothing we could do about it..

" When someone has to go.., He has to go.., And the only thing that we could do.. Is to watch them pass away.."

It's Hard to Wear A Mask...

"What you see is what you get.."
- I don't think so..

On the outside, I am laughing
But inside, I am crying
I maybe smiling
But I am really dying

It's hard to for me to express my true emotions
To show them what I truly feel
It's hard to show them everything
'Coz I know they will never understand

Do you know who I am?
Beyond the MASK that I wear
I bet you didn't know
How much tears I have shed

Though on the outside, I might look joyous and happy
That today I am well and merry
Still you cannot foresee
The DYING part of ME..